cYoga Teacher Training Program

For yoga teachers in search of excellence
We want to help you connect with your students and develop rewarding relationships with them; create successful classes, motivate, encourage and make your students interested in yoga; plus help you positively apply this philosophy to your life.



Our goal is to prepare you to have a successful yoga career and learn about yourself. We cover the areas that will help you attract new students, retain regular students and continually improve as a teacher and a human being.

Our main goal is to help you FINDING YOURSELF AS A TEACHER. How do you make a student return to your class? How do you become magnetic? Our goal is to help you find your voice and your true persona and apply it to teaching yoga. When you are yourself, your crowd will find you.

The art of SEQUENCING is essential to take your students to the next level. Through carefully selecting the theme, peak posses and progression during a yoga class, students will be able to do things they could not do any other way.

We have great focus on ANATOMY. This discipline has become essential in the modern yoga world and will help you design a proper sequence, provide sound feedback and avoid injuries.

We help you develop your intuition as a teacher with subjects like HOW TO SEE ENERGIES where we learn to read the body of a student and see what areas need help, analyzing what muscle groups are being engaged and teaching you how to develop a vocabulary to help your student with precision and purpose.

We want to make you BUSINESS savvy. Nowadays yoga teachers need to understand their role and place in society and their economic interactions with their students, yoga studios and the human group as a whole. We will study the implications of the virtual yoga movement and the opportunities we now have due to this new medium.

Keeping up with tradition, we will cover SANSKRIT, the ROOTS OF YOGA PHILOSOPHY, PRANAYAMA, CHAKRAS, BHANDAS. The tradition of yoga is rich, fascinating, mystical and we want you to fall in love with it.

Finally, as a tool for self development, we will MEDITATE every day. We will visit numerous schools and techniques and will have fun calming our minds. ​After practicing these mediation techniques ourselves, we will learn HOW TO DESIGN YOUR OWN MEDITATION WORKSHOP so you can become a meditation guide and teacher.

Specific curriculum varies between the 200hr and 300hr Teacher Training. Please contact us for more information and to discuss which option is best for you.

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  Meet your Instructors  

Carmen Aguilar

In her 20+ years in the world of yoga, Carmen has passed through most of the phases a practitioner and a teacher can experience. She started teaching after only a few years practicing, she taught privates for 11 years, owned a studio for 9, has taught 18 TT programs, workshops all over the world, offers online classes and a new online TT course, she is mostly known for her social media platform, and currently lives in Hawaii while sharing her passion for yoga.

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Moises Aguilar

Moises started meditating in his teens, a passion he never abandoned. With a background in martial arts, he compliments Carmen skills with his focus on adjustments, meditation and philosophy. In 2010 they opened The Lab Yoga Studio in Chicago which they sold 8 years later. Meanwhile he worked as an IT consultant for 20 years until the time came to let go of his corporate career and start traveling the world teaching yoga and meditation with Carmen.

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Certified 200 and 300hrs YTT
Fully On Demand


Complete the Teacher Training at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

200hrs and 300hrs programs available. Yoga Alliance Certified.

Same curriculum as Live YTT

200hrs: $2000, as 10 payments of $200

300hrs: $2800, as 14 payments of $200

Thank you for your interest in our YTT. We reply to all messages within 48hrs. Make sure to check your spam folder.





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Gosia Testimonial

Carmen and Moises are the perfect combo in this Teacher training. Whether you do the 200 or 300 hour, you will get the best of both. They are both very invested in their teaching and they embody what they preach.

Carmen’s strong personal practice is very evident through the intelligence of her sequencing as she understands the component parts of her peak poses and this is transpired in her teachings. I also love that she is very confident about the benefits of the discipline of the yoga practice and how it transformed her life. She delivers this message without the kindergarten yoga teacher's voice that can seem airy fairy and fake. She is, what i would call, a badass teacher and to be under her tutelage is a privilege that will turn your practice upside down ( no pun intended)

Moises is funny and serious at the same time. His knowledge of running a business is from true and tried experiences that are helpful for those interested in running a yoga studio whether in person or online. His knowledge of meditation is commendable and you can see that he is also a very committed practitioner. I highly recommend diving into the 300 hour especially if you have an interest in deepening your meditation practice.

Carmen and Moises together, are the perfect pair. Their understanding of yoga, breath work, business, yoga adjustments and the physical practice, to name a few, as a couple is like no other. I highly, highly recommend this TT.


Kelly Bursey, 300hrs On Demand YTT